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Adding Your RSS Feed to Economic Development News

We want to include reputable economic development feeds that feature well researched objective reports on capital investment and job creation trends. Do you have news about manufacturing growth, employment or unemployment trends, or regional business development? Do you have a website about national, state or local economic development? Submit your feed's URL and a brief description of how your content is relevant to our readers to: Economic Development News We'll consider adding it.

Guidelines for Feeds

We typically accept RSS feeds related to macro economic development news. A few minimum criteria should be met:

  • The feed should be valid RSS or Atom XML - otherwise it's not really a valid feed.
  • The content should be related to regional, state or national economic development matters such as manufacturing growth, financial markets impacting business development, labor, job creation, workforce readiness, capital investment and international trade.
  • The feed should not post unwholesome content.

We reserve the right to remove any feed or any content within that feed which does not generally relate to the purpose of this website.

What is a Feed?

RSS feeds are a great tool within the sphere of the social web to send new website content to various services, subscribers and social media outlets. A feed relays any new postings from someone's blog, website, or social stream, and communicates it to anyone or any service subscribed to the feed when it is updated.

This website draws upon various feeds from around the world that are primarily focused on economic development and then sorts them on the Home page, Feed page and on Channels. You can easily browse the latest news about employment trends, manufacturing growth and other economic development reports.

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